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Each bottle contains 30 capsules

Each capsule contains 25mg CBD

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Array makes their 25mg CBD Capsules with the only highest grade CBD oil possible. Each capsule contains 5mg of CBD. In addition, these Gelatin Caps include Cocoa Butter and Full Plant Extract, making them a Full Spectrum Capsule.

25mg CBD Capsules by ARRAY are one of the best-selling Caps in Canada. In fact, ARRAY has sold over one million Caps across Canada to date. In addition, they test all of their capsules in Health Canada approved labs. This ensures maximum quality and consistency.

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Array CBD Capsules offer the medicinal benefits of a premium CBD oil with the security and consistency of a precisely dosed capsule. Carefully blended CBD Oil and unrefined Cacao Butter offers the most natural possible medicine and even suspension of cannabinoids across each cap. Array Capsules are tested by each batch to ensure your experience is as consistent as possible, allowing you to adjust your doses with accuracy and comfort to best meet your needs and desired effect. Array offers an extensive range of THC, CBD, and 1:1 CBD:THC capsules to ensure you are able to either find the perfect dose in a signal cap or mix and match to suit.


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Each CBD Cap has 25mg of CBD, with a total of 300mg of CBD per bottle. If you truly want to seek an alternative medicine that’s more likely to rid you of pain, anxiety, depression, and even cancer symptoms, CBD is the way to go. Many consumers have reported the healing effects of this product. Of course, it depends on each person’s physical construction and metabolism at which rate you absorb and make use of these caps.

However, as soon as you swallow one, the effects should kick in a few minutes. They should help you forget all about pains and muscle aches, and for some, it has even relieved cancer treatment side-effects. These caps include lecithin to assist with binding the CBD molecules in the oil and maximizing the bio-absorption into the bloodstream. This way, the effects will start becoming visible that much sooner.


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